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Hemp Nourishing Face & Body Oil

(90 customer reviews)

Our lightweight oil infused with organic HEMP seed oil and manuka oil is rich in essential fatty acids to boost your skin. Sea buckthorn gently calms and soothes skin, while avocado oil deeply nourishes.


Suitable for use on eczema prone skin

Suitable for pregnant women, babies & children

Suitable for calming & hydrating skin after shaving or waxing

May assist in boosting skin health by reducing fine lines &

May assist in calming sunburnt skin & itchy bites


Vegan Friendly * Cruelty-free * Naturally fragranced * GMO free * Paraben free * Silicone free * Sulphate free * pH balanced


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Our lightweight oil infused with organic HEMP seed oil and manuka oil is rich in essential fatty acids to boost your skin. Sea buckthorn gently calms and soothes skin, while avocado oil deeply nourishes.

Our Face & Body Oil has a pleasing and earthy aroma that embraces the power of nature. It’s is distinctive and authentic. The Sea Buckthorn and Manuka Oil bring a warmer, softer smell with a hint of floral.

Hemptuary® skincare contains only simple, good ingredients from nature, including organic hemp seed oil. We carefully blend this skincare superstar with pure yet potent, plant-based extracts and oils to let nature calm, nourish, and nurture your skin.

  • Suitable for use on eczema prone skin
  • Suitable for pregnant women, babies & children
  • Suitable for calming & hydrating skin after shaving or waxing
  • May assist in boosting skin health by reducing fine lines & wrinkles
  • May assist in calming sunburnt skin & itchy bites

Ingredients: Sweet Almond Oil; Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil; Apricot Kernel Oil; Avocado Oil; Soybean Oil; Sea Buckthorn Oil; Manuka Oil; Calendula Flower Extract; Rosemary
Extract; Baobab Oil; Coconut Oil; Sunflower Seed Oil; Argan Oil; Geranium Oil; Cedarwood Oil.

Vegan Friendly * Cruelty-free * Naturally fragranced * GMO free * Paraben free * Silicone free * Sulphate free * pH balanced

Directions to use



Directions to use

Warm 2-4 drops in hands and gently apply over the face.

Use alone or before your serum and/or creams.

Can also be used on targeted areas of the body that are in need of relief and nourishment.

90 reviews for Hemp Nourishing Face & Body Oil

  1. ThisIsMe

    I was lucky enough to also receive this from Beauty Heaven’s Natural Beauty Month event July 2022.

    This is the first hemp product I have tried and was not sure what to expect but I must say it’s not too bad.
    I found it really soothes and nourishes my skin. My face has been quite dehydrated during winter and this oil has helped quite a bit. I haven’t used it on my body as prefer cream for my body.

    I can’t really determine how to get ‘drops’ as I find it quite runny and just kind of leaks from the dropper, but I squeeze enough out to average the size of my pinkie or so. I also like to dab / pat it into my skin as find it absorbs quicker and really skins into my skin instead of rubbing it in.

    My face has been feeling and looking plumper and have noticed fewer dry areas too.

  2. Floreview

    I received this as part of the natural beauty month event.

    Currently my ezcema is flaring up on the face and I find this is not only smells good but also helps soothe the rash.

    After washing my face, I put on the tarte mermaid serum while my skin is still moist. Then I put on a basic moisturizer and seal it all in with this oil. My skin looks softer, more hydrated and calm the next day.

    – good for you ingredients. Helps nourish and is anti-inflammatory.
    – gentle on the skin
    – easy to use squeeze and drop for the right amount of product.
    – nice packaging.
    – none

  3. miss_tamriel

    Really grateful to have received this product as part of a trial for the natural beauty month goodie bag.

    For context, I used this only on my body and not on my face as I can have quite sensitive skin on my face. This is an amazing body oil, I love that it uses hemp and all natural ingredients. it soaks up in your skin quickly and leaves your skin feeling amazing, soft and smooth as well. I have already finished the whole bottle and recommended this to many of my friends. Definitely will repurchase.

  4. beauty2018

    I’m so honoured BH gave me the opportunity to trial Hemptuary Hemp Nourishing Face & Body Oil at the Natural Beauty event. I’ve never heard of the brand but am truly impressed the range is made in New Zealand & developed by the same successful skincare brand Trilogy. Beautifully packaged in decadent 30ml green recyclable bottle, topped off with rose gold cap and cute black dropper for accurate dispensing. Just 3-4 drops sufficiently covered my entire face & neck before moisturising, morning & night and since oil is quite lightweight I could easily follow through with makeup straight away. Contains Cannabis sativa oil (otherwise known as hemp seed oil) a rich antioxidant which is gentle on the skin. A super moisturiser which calms, hydrates, and revitalises skin and rich in vitamins A and E. Hemp seed oil also contains omega 3 and 6, which encourages skin health by reducing fine lines and wrinkles whilst preventing the signs of ageing. Amazed how the face feels well hydrated & soft after each application.

  5. CCdeluxe

    I received the Hemp Nourishing Face & Body oil as part of the trial products after attending the natural beauty month seminar. I can’t believe I pre-judged this amazing little oil. This was actually one of the last of the trial products I used and to be honest, I wish I had opened this one and dived in first. I seriously thought oh yeah here’s another oil. After much use, I am now thinking why didn’t I find this saviour sooner?
    I am a huge fan of a multitasker and this oil is it is.

    I found so many of my other much-loved products were enhanced when I added just a little of this oil. I did get carried away though, I used this oil on my cleansed face, on top of my face serum, as a scalp massage, I put a few drops into my face cream, added a few drops to my body moisturiser, and I added the slightest drop to my tinted moisturiser AND to my concealer on those really cold blowy wintery mornings. It didn’t matter what I added this little pot of gold to, it just made things better.

    I love the smell of this oil, I love that a little goes a long way and I love that adding a drop of this oil to a range of other products does not degrade the quality of the range of products I added it to.

    This is my new winter staple multipurpose go-to face and body oil-

  6. Simone Gee

    I received this product at BH’s Natural Beauty Month Event and wish to thank the BH Team for the opportunity. The Hemptuary Hemp Nourishing Face and Body Oil is infused with Hemp seed, manuka oil, and Sea Buckthorn. Packed with fatty acids, the oil left my skin feeling smooth and calm in the morning, when applied at night after cleansing and moisturising. I tend to get a lot of hormonal acne which gets quite red and agressive. I notoiced that the oil had a calming affect and reduced my redness immensely. The oil is not too thick, yet excess product does tend to sit on the skin after application instead of soaking in. There is a slightly sweet, herbal scent which I find quite pleasing. Overall, the oil is hydrating and calming and regular use has truly improved the state of my skin.

  7. Mozmon

    Hemptuary Hemp Nourishing Face & Body Oil is a rich and nourishing oil. It is a versatile oil that can be used on both the face and body, which makes it great value and convenient for dry skin. The glass bottle is 30ml in size and has a dropper applicator, and I use about 2-3 drops each time. This oil has a floral herbal fragrance and contains only plant oils and no other preservatives or fillers, which is great. It is concentrated and I prefer to use it at night time and it leaves my skin feeling very soft and smooth. I have also mixed 1-2 drops in my day cream for extra moisture and it works well without feeling greasy. This oil is also great to quickly soften dry hands and cuticles.

  8. HelenT

    I have dry skin all year round and face& body oil is a must for me during winter. This is my first time trying the brand Hemptuary and I like it. This face& body oil has a lightweight texture infused with hemp and manuka oils. It is also packed with other rich ingredients such as fatty acids, sea buckthorn and avocado oil. I’m obsessed with body oil during winter so this is a must try product for me. The instructions suggest to use every morning and night by applying two to four drops in hands and gently apply over the face. After using this product for a week, my skin did improve from dryness and cracking. After applying the oil, it absorbed into my skin fairly fast without feeling greasy or leaving any residue behind. This oil saved my skin from cracking and added a layer of glow.

  9. Floreview

    I received this go try from the BH natural beauty month.

    My skin have been flaring up with ezcema on my face lately. I used this after hylauronic acid, moisturizer and then an oil at night. It’s lightweight, easy to use dropper and the scent isn’t strong. Absorbs in and leaves my skin feeling soft and hydrated. I find it helps soothe the skin. It looks less red the next morning.

    The price point is good. Id definitely repurchase when I finish. The product is ideal for face and body. I sometimes use it on dry elbows or my hands and cuticles.

  10. Katsuss

    I hadn’t tried any products from Hemptuary previously, so was very excited to trial their Hemp Nourishing Face & Body Oil. I am a regular user of face and body oils and found this one to be fast absorbing, no scent and left my skin with a little glow – exactly what you want from a face and body oil. I used the oil more frequently on my chest and shoulders as an alternative to moisturiser and loved how it made my skin feel. It definitely made a difference to the level of moisture and how cared for my skin felt. So important during a dry winter!

  11. Danna25

    Hemptuary’s Hemp Nourishing Face & Body Oil is a unique face and body oil which I have enjoyed using since receiving at the Natural Beauty Month. I have never used hemp seed oil but had heard great things about how moisturising it is. This face and body is quite rich and is very nourishing, and it contains a mix of different natural oils. The dropper applicator is handy as I find any more than a few drops can leave my skin feeling a bit too greasy. It has an aromatic herbal fragrance which is only strong at first but then disappears. I am pleased with how soft and moisturised this oil makes my skin, and it also works well on my hands and body to quickly leave skin really soft.

  12. zaraammar

    Thanks BH for inviting me for Natural Beauty month.
    This was such a fun event and I got to take some Great products home.
    This one is by far the most amazing product I’ve got with all the others.
    This is my number 1 product from
    The event.
    I have used it on myself, my two children 11 and 8x boy and girl.
    Now let me be honest in my entire life I haven’t been successful in putting any cream on their face but with this one they asked for it because it smelt so amazing.
    This oil is made up of Sea Buckthorn & Manuka oil which is rich in fatty acids.
    Hemp seed also contains 3 & 6 omega which helps one skin health by reducing fine lines thus preventing signs of ageing.
    There was no irritation on the skin.
    It smelt most divine and relaxing smell. A few drops and the skin feels so nourished. It absorbs quickly and is not like other oils that makes the face sticky and uncomfortable.
    I absolutely loved this product and would buy another one when done.
    The best part is this product is made in New Zealand.

  13. Joanna981

    I’ve never previously heard of Hemptuary before, but have heard of the amazing benefits of Hemp products and was excited to try.

    This oil comes in a generoursly-sized bottle that contains plenty of product. It has a handy dropper attachment that meant I could adequately control the amount of product that I was using each time.

    The oil itself was quite thick and had a yellowy tint to it. I began my squeezing the required amount into the palm of my hand and then used my fingers to apply to my face and neck. I found that a little goes a long way and that it can take some time to absorb. There is a distinctive fragrance which wasn’t really for me, but that I’m sure others will love.

    It does say that the oil can be applied under moisturiser, however I found that it was taking too long to absorb and so instead opted to use on non-work days.

  14. kk77

    Not a huge fan of oil but this was pretty good and not too thick and greasy. I used this on my face at night, after showering and before my night cream. I only applied a little bit as I didn’t want my face to shine like a greasy spring roll (and have bits of my hair sticking to my face). I rubbed it into my face well and it did a good job os absorbing into my skin. Loving that it’s all natural ingredients being absorbed into my face.
    I also used some on my elbows and knees as they are very dry, like snake skin. My legs aren’t too scaly at the moment but when it is, I will definitely be applying drops of this oil onto my legs and rubbing it in before applying moisturiser. My knees and elbows were well oiled and hydrated without it being too greasy. It was so dry that it absorbed well – I did rub it in well though, I wanted to make sure the oil really got into those dry white patches of skin. My face, elbows and knees were hydrated, even the next day. My knees and elbows over time were not white and scaly so that’s a big plus!

  15. maree17

    I was lucky enough to be invited to trial this oil at the recent Natural Beauty Event. The Hemptuary Hemp Nourishing Face & Body Oil is a lightweight oil that includes hemp and manuka oils as well as essential fatty acids to help make the skin nice and plump and hydrated. It is a rich oil but absorbs easiy into the skin. I apply this at the end of my skin care routine ( after serum and moisturiser) and especially loved its hydrating effects on my skin during the winter months. I would wake with plump and hydrated skin that was glowing. It may be a little rich to use in the summer months though. It is also great on any dry spots on the body you may have – leave on overnight and they will be considerably lessened in the morning. A lovely oil.

  16. Tigerlily

    I received the Hemptuary Hemp Nourishing Face & Body Oil at the Natural Beauty event. It’s the first time I’ve heard of Hemptuary and tried their products. The range is made in NZ where a lot of great skincare products are made!

    The oil is packaged in a frosted green bottle with a dropper applicator with rose gold trim. On the box, it’s described as a lightweight oil however I found this to be quite rich so I ended up using this quite sparingly. I have dry skin particularly in winter, however don’t like the feeling of heavy oils on my face – just a personal preference. I also used this on my hands which is very dry from the constant hand washing, and it was instantly soothing and nourishing. I liked to apply a drop with my hand moisturiser before bed as an overnight treatment.

    It does have a distinct herbal scent – I suspect this may be due to the combination of the rosemary extract, geranium and cedarwood oils. Hemp seed oil is rich in vitamins A & E, omega acids 3, 6 and 9 which reduces fine lines and wrinkles.

  17. Irinam

    I actually like to use for my neck and décolletage area as it really makes a difference. My skin became so soft and even, I can’t even believe (all the small pimples are gone, redness is gone, and dry patches disappeared).
    I tried to use it for my face first, but it turned out to be a bit heavy for my oily skin, but then I tried it for other areas and it works perfectly.
    I am loving the heavy, glass bottle, feels luxurious in hand. The dropper is easy to use and you can control the amount of oil you want to use.
    P.S. I even use it as a cuticle oil. Very versatile product for every part of the body.

  18. Shizz

    I received this product as part of beautyheaven’s Natural Beauty Month event. I’m not sure if I would purchase this again for myself but have enjoyed using Hemptuary’s Hemp Nourishing Face & Body Oil so far. The reason for this is that for me the botanical scent is a bit too strong to my liking to use on my face. Though I do want to note that even when my skin barrier was damaged this oil did not irritate my face. I prefer using this on my body rather than face. Additionally, I would recommend using this product at night as it may be a bit much for daytime use.

  19. Jenny166

    This oil comes in a decent sized bottle which won’t get lost in your skincare drawer. The dropper is easy to use and control how much product you apply. I applied three drops for my face. It does have a bit of a stronger hemp scent but I don’t mind it and the smell is gone by the morning when I apply it at night. Before I started using this oil I had some stubborn acne scars which are now gone. I think this oil is great for sensitive skin and won’t break you out. My skin was left feeling soft and hydrated.

  20. dramsay82

    This Hemptuary Hemp Nourishing Face & Body Oil comes in a compact (30ml) glass bottle with a dropper dispenser, however it has a rich, concentrated formula. It’s great that the oil can be used on both the face and body, and I find I only need a few drops to leave my skin feeling silky smooth and soft. I have noticed my dry, flaky skins feels a lot smoother since using this oil, which is particularly great during the winter months. This oil does have a slightly strong fragrance, which is very natural and doesn’t cause any irritation. I am pleased that this oil doesn’t contain any parabens or chemicals, and all the ingredients are natural. It’s a great multitasking oil for dry to very dry skin types.

  21. babyeest

    The hemp , avocado and manuka oils in this oil have such nourishing and moisturising propertied. Unfortunately when I received this product my skin was super sensitive so I couldn’t try it on my face but it worked a treat on my dry patches across my body. I tend to get dry patches on the elbows and behind the knees and when I applied this product at night he skin definitely felt smoother to the touch in the morning and the dry patch was covered. I felt it was a hydrating combo that they have come up with, I definitely haven’t tried products with these ingredients before and being natural, I felt more comfortable using this on the body. The dispenser doesn’t have the product running out too much and it’s easy to use and control. I will be looking to use this all over the body soon not just in dry patches as I really felt this moisturised well.

  22. Ageless.beauty

    I received this product at the BeautyHeavens Natural Beauty Month Event.

    I’ve never used an oil for my body before so this was something new. I tried this on my body only and not the face as it contains Sweet Almond oil as this does irritate my skin a little. It’s fine on the body just makes my face a little warm and flushed.

    I applied the oil after a shower as I found it absorbed better. It goes on oily but skin absorbs it all in and leaves my skin feels soft and smooth and hydrated.

    Skin stays hydrated till the following day. I love the natural scent. It isn’t overpowering and does disappear after a while.

  23. skincare junkie

    Thank you very much to beauty heaven and Hemptuary for the opportunity to review and trial this product.

    I received the Hemptuary Hemp Nourishing Face & Body Oil to trial and review.

    The oil comes in a tinted glass bottle with a dropper. I am very impressed that this oil can be absorbed into skin within minutes leaving a very soft and silky touch.

    The oil contains nothing but botanically derived ingredients: Sweet almond oil, cannabis sativa seed oil, apricot kernel oil, avocado oil, soybean oil, sea buckthorn oil, manuka oil, calendula flower extract, rosemary extract, baobab oil, coconut oil, sunflower seed oil, argan oil, geranium oil, cedarwood oil.

    I am unable to comment on long term results, but from the short trial period (2 weeks), I am liking it.

    For $20 from most pharmacies, it’s pretty impressive.

  24. mmandy

    I quite like this product. The oil is a really nice consistency – thick enough that it feels luxe and moisturising but thin enough to spread over a large area and sink into the skin well. I’ve used this both on my body and face, and I prefer it on my face because it feels really relaxing to massage it in as part of my night time skincare routine. It works well on the body too though! It sinks into the skin well over time but as with any oil, it does stay a bit slippery for an hour or so after application. However, it doesn’t wipe onto my pillow so isn’t messy.
    It smells like hemp, which doesn’t bother me, especially since I tend to wear it at night. However the scent does linger so would not recommend if that bothers you.

  25. Ellyloves

    This is the first time I have used an oil that can be used for the face and the body.
    I feel like if it is used for the body, the bottle needs to be a lot bigger. At 30ml, I don’t think this hemp oil would last for very long if it is used for the body.
    I normally use rosehip oil for my face so this is what I was comparing to whilst I was using this hemp oil.
    The colour of the bottle is quite pretty.
    The dropper is easy to use. I follow the instructions and apply it onto my skin.
    My skin absorbs the oil easily and quickly. It leaves my skin feel moisturised and loved. It is also suppose to make the redness in my skin calm down as well but I am yet to see it visibly.
    I like this oil but I’m not sure about the value for money.

  26. Fhe5

    I received this hemp oil at the Natural Beauty Month function and I have to say, I was excited about trying this facial oil, as it’s been a very cold and hard winter and my skin has suffered quite a bit through it!
    I applied 3 drops to my moisturiser, rubbed together and then applied to my face and neck and let it deep in for about 10 minutes each time I applied it at night. My skin feels more plump and soft after each night’s application and I will keep using this hemp oil even going into Summer. I might just reduce the amount over the hotter months, as it seems a bit intense for hot weather usage.
    I’m really liking this oil, so it’s a yes from me!

  27. Sparkles12

    Thank you BH for the event – i am so glad I got to trial this – I am in love with it.
    I am a dry skin and I absolutely adore oils for my face and body. I feel amazing after showering and the putting on this oil. In winter my hands and face are dry especially my hands and so i carry this around and out it on when i am in the aircon at work.
    i use this morning and night and through the day. The smells are gorgeous and it leaves my skin so so soft and hydrated and i love touching my skin as it feels amazing .. Love the dropper and packaging and it’s easy to take everywhere – which i do.
    I have noticed the change in my skin and my fine lines have softened and my skin looks fresh.
    I will definitely be repurchasing as i am in love.

  28. darasparkle

    I recently received this item to try for the Natural Beauty Month, which is a lightweight oil infused with hemp and manuka oils. It’s supposed to gently calm and sooth skin while also nourishing. This items is exactly what I wanted for winter as my skin is aching for more moisture.

    Its suggested to use morning and night, which I’ve been doing and my skin is started to feel so much better than when I first started. the areas I am targeting are my hands, elbows and knees as that is where I am driest. Overall, super happy with this time and I will definitely keep using it.

  29. Pretty_please

    The Hemptuary Hemp Nourishing Face and Body Oil is a beautiful, lightweight oil with a light neutral fragrance. Filled with ingredients my dry, aging skin loves, this oil really hydrated my skin any left it feeling nourished for most of the day. The bottle is beautiful and heavy, the oil takes a while to absorb but feels nourishing rather than overly oily or greasy. I would absolutely recommend this oil if you are looking to try a Hemp oil, very enjoyable to use and filled with goodiess my skin loves.

  30. Ellie585

    Hemptuary came out with a great product which is a hemp nourishing face and body oil. I love that you can use it for both the face and the body and it contains the goodness of organic hemp which helps with hydration and anti ageing benefits. It comes in a dropper bottle and I would use two to three drops for my face and neck. The oil is soothing and feels so nice on the skin. It instantly hydrates and when you use the correct amount it absorbs nicely, leaving my face with a beautiful glow. I also like to mix a drop or two with my body lotion and apply it to my legs for extra hydration. It’s a good quality oil and I could see myself purchasing this once my bottle finishes.

  31. Sydneyswans910

    I received this as part of bh’s Natural Beauty Month event. I asked the rep at the event what skin type this product is suitable for. She advised more normal to dry skin. Since I have oily skin, I don’t want to risk causing breakouts, so I used it on my body instead. It has a lovely texture and feels like I am at a spa when I apply it. it contains a lovely blend of different oils, and smells quite lovely. I truly believe hemp oil has some wonderful nourishing properties. As it’s a thicker oil, I like to mix it in with my moisturiser so it doesn’t feel too greasy. It’s not a dry oil, so it definitely leaves a bit of residue and feels a tad greasy, but on my body it really helps nourish it during the cold winter months.

  32. preppa

    Hemp Nourishing Face & Body Oil by topiderm is a lightweight oil infused with Hemp seed and Manuka oil. It is rich in essential fatty acids including omega 3 & 6 which reduces finelines and wrinkles to improve skin health.

    I got the opportunity to trial the hemp nourishing face and body oil as part of beauty heaven natural beauty month. Thank you beauty heaven. I apply the oil after the shower to my face and body. It’s easy to dispense the oil since it’s packaged in a glass bottle with a dropper. I warm 2-3 drops in my hand and warm it up before applying it to my face. I follow with serum and face cream as usual. My skin feels soft and smooth after applying the oil.

  33. jewl

    I received this product having attended the Natural Beauty event last month. I have really bad dry skin during the cold season so this is just the product that I need! The ingredients contained in this product are super natural and appealing. From manuka to avocado oil, its no wonder my skin is visibly hydrated and plump.

    This product comes in a dark green bottle with a rose gold colour on the middle. The dropper is super easy to use and is not as greasy as I thought it would be. My skin easily drinks this up, not only on my face but on my elbows and cuticles on my hands. This is such a great product to use for the dry sections on my body.

  34. VictoriaH

    I was lucky enough to attend beautyheaven’s Natural Beauty Month Event back in July where i was gifted this Oil to try at home.

    I’ve tried it over my very winter dry body skin for the last few weeks and I like the results so far.
    It smells nice and the oil was absorbed fast enough so I could put my PJ’s on top of it without feeling all sticky for too long. I also like the smell and how it feels in the skin. I surely can see the moisturising properties. I haven’t tried over my face yet but might soon. Overall a great all rounder.

  35. Deeknight

    I received the Hemptuary Nourishing face and body oil from the Natural Beauty Month Marketplace. I was really sceptical about this product. Mostly because Hemp products make me a little uncomfortable.
    Ignoring the ingredients of the product, its actually really good. The oil is super nourishing and absorbs into the skin very quickly. I have had a few really dry patches on my arms and legs this winter so I massaged this oil into those areas for about 30 seconds in each area and after daily use for a week all of the areas have completely disappeared. I’m very happy with the results of this product even though it is probably not something I would repurchase.

  36. MoonlightSak16

    I instantly got excited about this product when I read that it has got nourishing oils such as almond oil, apricot oil, avacado oil , sea buckthorn oil coconut oil etc. It has all these wonderful oils that are sure to give your face much needed hydration.
    In the past I have used sea buckthorn for its antioxidant properties but the trouble with sea buckthorn oil is that it tints everything that comes into contact with yellow.
    The beauty of this product is that it has sea buckthorn oil without the yellow tinge.
    It comes in a glass bottle with a dropper.
    The oil has light consistency. It absorbs really well into my skin. Not leaving a greasy residue. After I apply it my skin feels so soft and supple.

    There is a herbal scent to this serum. can be strong. The scent is derived from essential oils I believe , in particular rosemary, geranium and cedarwood.
    I had some dry patches on my chin and this oil helped to treat the dry patches.

    I enjoyed adding this oil into my skincare , it has really helped my skin look nicely balanced.

  37. Katynna

    A luscious thick oil, the Hemptuary Hemp Nourishing Face and Body Oil is a winter skin saviour! I received this oil from the Beauty Heaven Natural Beauty event, and have been enjoying it on my face each day. The oil has left my facial skin soft, smooth and glowing. It easily smooths onto my skin and absorbs well, with a light botanical fragrance that doesn’t linger on my skin, which is good. The dark green glass bottle, with rose gold top and rose gold font, is aesthetically pleasing. I like the sturdy dropper, which dispenses good portions of the oil. The ingredients are all natural plant oils, which are really nourishing for my facial skin. I’m loving this deeply hydrating oil!

  38. bebeautiful34

    In the colder months my skin gets very dry so I like using oils.
    This is a standard body oil in that it feels greasy and takes some massaging in to absorb. The only thing I don’t like about body oils is that I feel like it’s getting all over my clothes but this wasn’t too bad.
    The scent is very herbal, it wasn’t too heavy and I usually only apply this to my legs so it doesn’t bother me too much.
    The packaging is understated and looks premium.
    I love the dropper, it makes dispensing the product so easy.
    I use two drops on each leg, just because I want it to absorb quickly, but I think three would be more moisturising.
    It makes my skin soft and smooth and got rid of the scaly skin. I also apply this to my heels to prevent cracking.
    I don’t like to apply a face and body oil to my face, I only apply oils that specifically say face oil. I just feel it would be too heavy for my face.
    But those with really dry skin might like applying this to their face.
    This is a great oil that makes my skin feel nourished.

  39. Jade38

    I was excited to be invited to my first BeautyHeaven’s Natural Beauty Month Event to trial a range of natural, sustainable and effective products where I received the Hemptuary Hemp Nourishing Face and Body Oil

    I love the dropper packaging with green opaque bottle that the oil came in as it made it easy to control my usage. I have been mainly using the oil before my creams so I warmed up 3 drops in my palms before applying it to my face. The oil was easily absorbed and it wasn’t oily enough to clog my pores or cause breakouts. Before I started using this, I did not think my face was too dry or dehydrated however I’ve found my skin has been feeling beautifully soft and nourished. I’ve even found that my foundation were lasting longer without caking or drying out!

    This might be a bit too heavy to use in warmer seasons, but this is definitely perfect for the cold and drying winter months. I will continue to use and recommend to friends

  40. drkmac

    The Hemp Nourishing Face and Body Oil is a lovely new product which I was excited to trial. I love face serums and this is basically a very organic version – no parabens, silcones, sulphates, harsh chemicals or other nasties. It also contains manuka oil and lots of other lovely plant-based oils which really nourish the skin.

    It comes in a green bottle (to protect the oils) with a dropper so it’s very easy to apply and use sparingly. It is an oil, so it’s quite different to a moisturiser and you don’t need much as it is concentrated. Although I haven’t used it consistently – it really gave my skin a lift when I was very dehydrated with sickness a few weeks back, and it made a big difference to how my skin both felt and looked.
    A great product from an organic New Zealand company -what’s not to love?

  41. samsy

    I tried the Hemp Nourishing Face & Body Oil after receiving it at the Natural Beauty Month event. I love the design and colour of the bottle. I cleansed my face and added a few drops in my hand to apply the oil to my face focusing on areas where I had some redness. It calmed my redness and my skin felt hydrated. It has a subtle scent, quite different, unfamiliar yet lovely. I also used it on my elbows and on top of my hands which have been quite dry and they instantly felt nourished. I love that it contains many natural oils that do wonders for the skin. Overall, very happy with this product.

  42. Kassalee

    Hemptuary Hemp Nourishing Face & Body Oil I received at the Natural Beauty Month Event. Comes boxed with the product in a thick dark green glass bottle with a rose gold screw cap and dropper insert. Lightweight oil is pale yellow in colour and has the most wonderful aroma – being naturally fragranced by the oils and essential oils it’s packed with. After cleansing, I dispensed 4-6 drops in my hands and gently massaged over the face both morning and night. My hands are also benefitting from this oil as any excess is then used on them. A great formula of natural ingredients – some used are rich in essential oils to boost skin while others gently calm and soothe skin and others deeply nourish. An oil that helps to reduce inflammation without clogging pores. Love how hydrated and soft my skin feels the morning after. Product is made in New Zealand and I would like to check out some of the other products in their range.

  43. angelfaith

    I have never heard of the brand before so I was excited to explore and deep dive into what they are. I cannot put into words how much I LOVE THIS PRODUCT!!!!! I use a lot of skincare products and I love using oils in my regime. This product has a lot of different oils inside which makes it great to use one product instead of many. It covers all bases with Hemp seed, manuka oil, sea buckthorn, avocado oil, almond oil, coconut oil and many many more. Each of the oils used have their own unique properties and I was very surprised that they worked well together. They only use natural ingredients without the harsh nasties that can be hidden in products. The packaging suggests 2-4 drops, I like using 2-3 for my face and 1-2 for my décolletage area. I should mention I only use this before bed and would not recommend on your face in the morning. I also used on my elbows which can be quite dry in winter and it worked very well.

  44. Yohanna

    Greenish yellow colour, it is medium weight oil. I apply it on damp skin and massage face with every application. Love how soothing and softening it is. My skin is combo with huge pores prone to white and blackheads. This oil my skin likes and did not cause any clogging. Had tight skin after washing lately as I overdid exfoliation. And this oil helped to calm the skin and make it healthy and bouncy again. Love the packaging, glass bottle , sturdy and thick. I use ti even before serums and creams now in winter. Just a small amount to restore natural oils in my skin before other products. This worked so well interestingly . And skin this way does not look shiny. Just healthy and bouncy soft. and juicy.

  45. Marclaire

    I received the Hemptuary Hemp Nourishing Face & Body Oil when I attended the Natural Beauty Month event. Thank you Beauty Heaven and Hemptuary for the opportunity to review this product.

    The Hemptuary Hemp Nourishing Face & Body Oil comes packaged in an attractive white and lime green coloured box with black and gold writing. The oil itself is contained in a 30ml dark green glass bottle with a gold coloured eyedropper applicator.

    This oil is a natural product made up of quite a few different oils. Some of which are sea buckthorn, manuka oil, sweet almond oil, avocado oil and sunflower seed oil. The hemp oil has an unusual fragrance which I really like.

    I use the hemp oil after cleansing my face, in the mornings and at night. Not a lot of the oil is required, so be careful when using the dropper not to let out too much oil. I use about 4 drops on my face.

    The oil is absorbed quickly. Initially there is a slightly oily feeling but this does not last long. I have sensitive skin and I have had no adverse reaction using this oil. I apply my facial lotion after the hemp oil, this works well for me. My skin has improved and feels soft and hydrated.

    The hemp oil can also be used on other parts of the body that need nourishment.

    This product contains no harsh chemicals, is paraben, silicone and sulphate free.

  46. Fifi_m

    I received the Hemptuary Hemp Nourishing Face & Body Oil as part of Natural Beauty Month to try and it’s a welcome addition to my skincare arsenal.

    The oil is yellow in colour and fairly lightweight. If you use the dropper onto your fingers (which is what I usually do) it can run/drip off. The dropper itself is easy to use and control the amount of oil. The label says to use 2-4 drops which I did find enough for my face. You can use in place of your moisturiser or before.

    The scent is interesting – overall I like it, but occasionally I do find an odd almost bitter note that I’m not sure if I like. The scent does fade though.

    The oil leaves my skin feeling hydrated but not greasy. It absorbs really well and can be used for your body too.

  47. clearcrystalwater

    An on-trend product with it’s special Hemptuary brand name and lots of cannibus seed oil in it with loads of other gorgeous natural oils, this oil can be used for a variety of needs – either face or body.

    I’ve tried it as a general body moisturiser and as a face serum too under my moisturiser. When I use it as a face serum I use it sparingly and it works really well to keep my skin hydrated all day/night. I can use it successfully as a day serum without any extra greasiness as long as I don’t use too much. A little goes a long way in this way. When I use it as a body moisutirser I don’t need to use it so sparingly but still a little goes a long way.

    I love the way it hydrates my skin and makes it feel like it’s being cared for in a very hippy-natural but effective way.

    The scent is natural and super earthy. I love the bright green glass bottle – it reminds me a lot of the glass that was used for different things in the 1970’s! It looks cool and suits the product.
    The size of the bottle is a generous 30ml and like I said before, a little goes a long way.

    The quality of the product means that I can use it as a lip balm/lip hydrating product too.

    The 1970’s vibe that it gives off means that I feel that it is also a fun product to use but also seriously good for the skin. My skin feels hydrated, moisturiser and pampered.

  48. Tigerstripes

    I received this product as a trial. I’m not a huge fan of applying oil to my skin because I just don’t like feeling oily and I dislike having oily fingers. I’m a guy.

    Anyway, I applied some to the crow’s feet region of my eye and can’t say it really did much for my fine lines.

    I also applied some to the back of one hand and rubbed it in. It took a little while to absorb properly into my skin and for a while my hand looked shiny in the sunlight and LOL it reminded me of Edward Cullen from Twilight when he exposed himself to sunlight.

    Would I recommend using this this product? It’s hard to say because as I said I have a personal dislike to products that make me feel oily or greasy. But for those of you who don’t mind and can be patient to let it absorb in, I’d say why not. Give it a go.

  49. 2663anne

    Hemptuary Nourishing Face and Body Oil is a natural hemp and Manuka oil product that helps hydrate and nourish you skin. It is suitable for use on the face and body.

    The face and body oil comes in a sturdy glass bottle with a glass dropper. Packaging recommends 2-4 drops warmed between your hands then applied.

    Upon application you get a fresh lemongrass scent that is strong but not overpowering. The oil absorbs instantly into my skin unlike any other oil I’ve used before. My skin felt soft and hydrated after use.

    I find the fragrance too strong for use on my face but I’ll happily continue to use it on my body.

  50. Parisienne Chic

    Thank you BH for allowing me to trial this product.
    I have never heard of Hemptuary before this,so i was excited to try it.
    I love a good oil…it soothes,treat and does skin no end of good,and the ingredients in this range are well documented for their skin care benefits (Hemptuary Hemp Nourishing Face & Body Oil is infused with hemp and manuka oils).This oil is lightweight,but needs careful dosaging to ensure you don’t use too much,has a fresh,herbal scent and feels soothing on the skin (not too greasy or sticky).I used it every night for a week on face and body,and noticed that my skin drank it up in minutes,and was left glowing,soothed and hydrated for the entire next day.The dropper top was great for measuring the dose,and it means you can easily add this oil to other products if you want to boost their effectiveness.All skin types will adore this light oil…even oilier types,and everybody will appreciate the hydrating you will feel after having been wrapped in winter layers for months…give it a try.

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