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Hemp Conditioning Lip Balm

(79 customer reviews)


Our nutrient-rich Hemptuary® Conditioning Hemp Lip Balm with menthol and Manuka oil replenishes dry lips, while lemongrass and eucalyptus calm and soothe any cracking or cuts. Its natural and organic formula protects your lips from daily exposure to environmental conditions such as harsh sun and wind.

Enjoy soft and smooth lips no matter the weather.

Vegan Friendly * GMO Free * Cruelty-Free * Palm Oil Free * Paraben Free * Silicone Free * Sulphate Free.




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Our conditioning lip balm with menthol and Manuka oil replenishes dry lips. Its natural and organic formula protects your lips from daily exposure to environmental conditions such as harsh sun and wind. The hemp seed oil infused within the luscious balm hydrates your lips, while lemongrass and eucalyptus calm and soothe any cracking or cuts.

Enjoy soft and smooth lips no matter the weather with Hemptuary’s conditioning lip balm.

Ingredients: Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil; Sweet Almond Oil; Castor Seed Oil; Beeswax; Apricot Kernel Oil; Lanolin; Vitamin E Acetate; Lemongrass Oil; Peppermint Oil; Menthol; Baobab Oil; Eucalyptus Oil; Clove Leaf Oil; Sea Buckthorn Oil; Soybean Oil; Manuka Oil; Calendula Flower Extract.

Made in NZ.

Directions to use



Directions to use

Apply generously to dry or dehydrated lips.

Our lip balm is gentle enough to be used throughout the day whenever necessary but effective for all your lip conditioning needs.

Avoid contact with eyes and wash hands after applying. For external use only.

Suitable for use on eczema prone skin.

Suitable for pregnant women, babies & children.

79 reviews for Hemp Conditioning Lip Balm

  1. Jasmen111

    I received this Hemptuary Hemp Conditioning Lip Balm at the recent Natural Beauty Month Marketplace Event in Sydney. I have not tried any Hemptuary products before so I was very excited to give this a go. The product comes in a small plastic pot with a twist lid. The Manuka oil is great for conditioning and the menthol adds a little minty tingly feeling. I have always enjoyed potted lip balms as I have generally found them to be more thick and nourishing. However this lip balm did not feel that way. I felt like my lips were dry again after only a few hours and needed reapplying more often.

  2. Yohanna

    Have received this lip balm at the Beautyheaven’s Natural Beauty Event. NAtural based formula melts into skin easy. Only one thing I do not like personally is the lemongrass oil. Not a fan of it , scent lingers on lips. Menthol I can feel slightly. No tingling though. My lips stay conditioned for hours. Pot is very light as it is plastic. Wish it came in a metal tin or small glass container. That is why I took one star off. Unsure what hemp seed oil is good for, but it is there, as in all hemptuary products.

  3. jewl

    I was very fortunate to receive this product from the last Natural Beauty Event Marketplace. It was nicely packaged in a cardboard box. It comes nicely packaged in a jar with a rose gold coloured lid. I am not particularly a fan of lip balm pots due to the hygiene, I dont like dipping my fingers in and out the balm. The lip balm is not so conditioning as I thought it would be. The scent is not so appealing either. I felt my lips were still dry after application and due to the menthol ingredient I wasn’t a fan.

  4. BlueBite

    Thank you so much to Beautyheaven for the opportunity to attend the Natural Beauty Month Marketplace!

    I received this lip balm during the event and was excited to try it as I am a massive lip balm fan. For reference, my lips are always dry and they can get chapped and a little rough. I’ve tried lanolips, carmex, pawpaw, virtually everything available and nothing other than vaseline helps.

    As for this lip balm, it was a miss for me and I passed on the product to a family member.

    For starters, I’m not a fan of the packaging. I prefer lip balms to come in tubes as it makes it easier to apply. This being in a tub can be inconvenient, and it was annoying at times trying to get the product on my fingertip. Sometimes I got frustrated and dug it with my nail. Another thing I didn’t like is the smell. It smells like peppermint and I know it’s the menthol causing it. When applied, it causes a bit of cool tingling. Personally I didn’t find this product hydrating at all, and when I rubbed my lips together while using this, they dragged and felt like I had wax rather than a balm on.

    Maybe it’s because I have really dry lips and I’m used to more hydrating balms, but this wasn’t “conditioning” for me and I don’t recommend it to those who need serious help for dry lips.

  5. buti4

    Hemptuary Hemp Conditioning Lip Balm comes in a cute jar that contains manuka oil and menthol. The menthol is not too overpowering but I like the cool sensation it delivers. It contains natural ingredients and is vegan friendly. It works wonders during cold months where chapped lips are so common. I apply a layer before I go to bed and also before I apply lipstick. The hydration it offers creates a great base for my lips and helps to achieve a nice texture that is good for applying lipsticks or in general.

  6. sarah.lily

    Very fortunate to receive this lip balm at the 2023 Natural Beauty Month Marketplace and is my first time trialing a product from Hemptuary. This is a lovely lip balm that is very soft to the touch and super lightweight when applied, you can barely feel it on your lips. Despite featuring menthol (and manuka oil) it is surprisingly subtle in scent. Unfortunately this wont be a lip balm I will reach for frequently as I prefer a stick or squeezy tube as it minimises the need to use my fingers, especially in a post-covid germ-aware mindset. I will be keeping this on my bathroom vanity for easy use with clean fingers because I truly am that fussy! I love how soft my lips feel after use and how lightweight the formula is, it is not sticky and the super mild scent will appeal to most people.

  7. No Ovski

    I was fortunate to recieve this product for the natural beauty month event. I really like this product. I like the texture, consistence and scent. Not only has it been great for hydrating my lips, but I’ve also been using it for my cuticles as they have been cracked recently and it’s worked perfectly.
    I would definately buy this product again, the only reason I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 is because I’m not really a fan of lip balms you have to use your finger to apply to your lips. I also think the jar is a little on the flimsy/cheap side.
    Nevertheless, would still recommend this to others.

  8. S-P

    I received this Hemp Conditioning lip balm at the recent Natural Beauty Month Marketplace Event and was immediately impressed with the ingredients list which includes Manuka oil and hemp seed oil. It comes in a small pot (no pun intended) with a screw top lid and is a very handy size for taking this lip balm with me everywhere. The balm is a light lemon colour in the pot that goes on clear and has a slightly softer consistency than a chap stick. This balm is applied with the finger which is fine but not as hygienic as a chap stick. It spreads easily across the lips and most importantly it stays on. I feel that this lip balm provides great protection from all weather conditions and keeps my lips looking and feeling lovely. This is a luxurious little pot of goodness which I highly recommend.

  9. Katynna

    I received the Hemptuary Hemp Conditioning Lip Balm at the BeautyHeaven Natural Beauty Month event, and have been enjoying its nourishing effect on my lips. The lip balm comes as a pale yellow solid, which melts quickly and easily on my finger when I touch the solid balm. The balm feels smooth and oil-rich, and makes my lips feel protected and hydrated. The combination of plant oils that make up the balm give it a soft botanical scent, which is nice, and I can’t smell the fragrance once I’ve applied the lip balm. Having to apply the balm with my fingers is a slight disadvantage, as I have to wash my hands before applying, but not such a deterrent that I wouldn’t use the lip balm. The small screw-lid pot is very light and a nice compact shape to carry easily. Overall, a really lovely, hydrating lip balm, that I enjoy using daily.

  10. rivetlicker

    A lip balm is always welcome in my stash, and I am so thrilled to have received the Hemp Conditioning Lip Balm for BH Natural Beauty Month.

    Brand notes: All Hemptuary products contain Hemp Seed Oil, known for its Omega fatty acids.

    Product notes: This vegetarian-friendly lip balm with naturally crafted ingredients claims to protect, soften and smooth lips in all weather conditions from wind to sun and is suitable for eczema-prone skin. It can be used whenever you like.

    Formula and packaging notes: The base formula contains Hemp Seed, Sweet Almond, Castor Seed, & Apricot Kernel Oils along with Beeswax & Lanolin to make the balm solid. Peppermint Oil & Menthol, plus Lemongrass, Eucalyptus, Clove Leaf & Manuka Oils add a touch of flavour but also lend their conditioning properties. This balm comes in a 5g pot (no pun).

    Thoughts: This lip balm is the perfect consistency with the right kind of oil to wax ratio and doesn’t even use any nut butters to do so (which actually feel oily once on the lips). It’s so comfortable to have on and the flavour is fresh, but not overpowering. I’d love this in stick form, really!

  11. Zaki

    This product was received at the BeautyHeaven Natural Beauty Month Event.

    Packed in a little jar, one may think this is an ordinary lip balm, however do not be fooled. This conditioning lip balms is loaded with high quality, carefully chosen ingredients to ensure that it delivers more than it promises. Hemp seed known for its variety of uses and healing properties is the key ingredient to this brand. Additionally, this contains menthol for cooling and repair, Manuka for its antibacterial and healing properties, almond, castor and apricot oils for their hydrating and moisturising properties as well as an array of oils such as lemongrass, eucalyptus, clove and seabuckthorn for both their scent and repairing properties.

    From the first use, you will visibly notice and feel a difference in the condition of your lips. Repeated use, enables one to prolong the duration between application. Great to use under and over lipstick as well as on its own.

    A little of this goes a long way and the only downside is that it comes in a jar rather than a stick form, making it a little inconvenient to apply when out and about.

  12. lindylou

    A gift from the Beauty Heaven Natural Beauty Month event, this conditioning lip balm is made in New Zealand and is cruelty free and vegetarian friendly. The 5g pot is white with a metallic lid and contains a soft creamy coloured lip balm.

    I prefer my balms in sticks as I think it is a lot more hygienic than a pot like this for when you are outside the house. The balm smells, and tastes, of menthol and I did get a slight tingle when I first put it on. I found that initially it was hard to get enough on my finger to give a good covering on my lips but this has been improving as I use it. It does make my lips feel moisturised but I don’t find it lasts overly long and it is not as convenient to keep reapplying as a stick would be.

    Its list of ingredients is noticeably mostly natural but it does contain lanolin which may be a problem for vegans. It doesn’t seem to have any added ‘parfum’ or preservatives, I guess the natural oils and extracts fulfil both these roles.

    I probably wouldn’t buy this although I would consider it if it was in a stick format. It is also quite expensive for what it is. I’m not recommending it but it definitely doesn’t mean there is anything particularly wrong with it, it’s just not for me.

  13. Marclaire

    I received the Hemptuary Hemp Conditioning Lip Balm at the Beauty Heaven Natural Beauty Month event. Thank you, Beauty Heaven, for the opportunity to review this product.

    The Hemptuary lip balm comes in a small box in the distinctive Hemptuary company logo and colours. (White and green with the hemp leaf). The lip balm comes in a small 5g jar and contains menthol and Manuka oil. It is nutrient rich and is infused with Hemp and contains only naturally crafted ingredients.

    The lip balm has the distinctive Hemptuary fragrance which matches the Hemptuary soap.

    I found the lip balm added just the right amount of moisture to my lips and it was long lasting. The only thing I would say is that to apply it I scraped the top of the balm with a spatula rather than putting my finger into it. Doing it this way means that the balm does not become contaminated.

    The Hemptuary balm is made in New Zealand.

    I would not hesitate to purchase this product.

  14. Deeknight

    I was lucky enough to be invited to the Beauty Heaven Natural Beauty Month Marketplace and received the Hemptuary Hemp Conditioning Lip Balm. This product has a Menthol and Manuka oil blend that is designed to repliensh dry lips and protect from exposure to environmental conditions.
    This is a Vegan friendly product that is made in New Zealand.
    Personally, I find that this product feels like a solid oil, I feel like I am not able to pick up any product and I need to go back in over and over again to get enough product to cover my lips.
    I feel like it doesn’t last very long, or feel particularly good on the lips.
    personally just not for me. I am wondering however, if it would be better in summer when the balm might be a little softer.

  15. Fifi_m

    I received the Hemptuary Hemp Conditioning Lip Balm as part of the Beautyheaven Natural Beauty Month event.

    The Hemptuary Hemp Conditioning Lip Balm is a solid balm that comes in a little plastic tub with a rose gold lid. I’m not the biggest fan of balms that require your fingers to apply. As it’s a solid balm, you do need to rub your finger in to soften it and you won’t end up with too much on your finger.

    The balm has a pleasant lemongrass scent and contains menthol, which leaves a tingly feeling on your lips, while nourishing them.

  16. jannx3

    I received the Hemptuary Hemp Conditioning Lip Balm at the beauty heaven Natural beauty month. This is a thin, light weight formula that evenly coats the lips. A little bit goes a long way. It moisturising, so if you got really dry lips this will deeply nourishing the lips. The natural ingredient in this lip balm makes it even better to put on the lips without worrying about any artificial ingredient. It’s also good to wear before bed and wake up to some nice and hydrated lips for the day. It is also easy to reapply without the aid of. Mirror which is a plus.

  17. Janelli

    This Hemp Conditioning Lip Balm is perfect for people like me who sometimes have an allergic reaction to certain ingredients in lip balms. This lip balm is all natural made from manuka oil and menthol and keeps my lips hydrated and soft. It is the nicest looking lip balm pot I have ever seen with a rose gold lid and a cite white container. It is the perfect size to carry out in my hand bag. I will buy more and it is also good for the family. I asked if it was safe for children and was advised that it was.

  18. JeSchwann

    I recently had the pleasure of trying the Hemptuary Hemp Conditioning Lip Balm, and I’m excited to share my thoughts on this revitalizing product. This lip balm is more than just a balm; it’s a soothing oasis that left my lips replenished and my senses invigorated.
    Crafted with care, the Hemptuary Hemp Conditioning Lip Balm features a blend of natural ingredients, including the goodness of Menthol and Manuka oil. This lip balm is a true companion for combating dryness while safeguarding your lips from the rigors of daily environmental exposure. The inclusion of Hemp Seed Oil imparts a deep and lasting hydration, leaving my lips irresistibly soft and smooth.
    What truly sets this lip balm apart is its dedication to being environmentally conscious. Vegan friendly and cruelty-free, it’s also free from palm oil, parabens, silicones, and sulfates, aligning perfectly with ethical values. Crafted in New Zealand, this lip balm is a testament to quality and responsible production.
    From the moment I applied it, the sensational Menthol sensation enveloped my lips, leaving behind a refreshing and invigorating feeling. The delightful aroma was an added bonus, making each application a sensorial delight.
    As someone who’s no stranger to dry lips, I was genuinely impressed by how effectively this lip balm worked. Not only did it alleviate dryness, but it also provided a long-lasting shield against further damage.
    In summary, the Hemptuary Hemp Conditioning Lip Balm has earned its spot in my daily routine. If you’re seeking a nurturing, natural, and refreshing lip balm that goes beyond the ordinary, I wholeheartedly recommend trying this product. It’s a lip care experience that’s bound to elevate your everyday routine.

  19. Ellie585

    Hemp has been an ingredient that has been talked about quite a bit, especially hemp oil and how it can be good for the skin. Well this hemp conditioning lip balm from Hemptuary uses hemp oil along with other natural ingredients to provide your lips with moisturising benefits and to create help get rid of dryness. The lip balm feels silky and I like that it feels lightweight on the lips. It is made in New Zealand and it is cruelty free, palm oil free and as mentioned before made with natural ingredients so for those who want an all natural lip balm this would be an excellent choice! I like to apply it at night as an overnight treatment and I wake up to soft lips.

  20. wonderesque

    I received this product from the Natural Beauty Month Marketplace Event to trial. I like how this product is vegan friendly, cruelty-free, palm oil, paraben, silicone and sulphate free which is so important to avoid dry lips. This product is easy to apply and has a very gentle scent. Lips feel soft and smooth and lasts for hours. If you have any cuts on your lips, this lip balm gently moisturises your lips so it has healing effects for cracked lips! Overall, a great lip balm that has healing effects on the lips, leaving them soft and moisturised!

  21. Miss19

    This wonderful lip balm from Hemptuary is a hemp condition lip balm which comes in a round pot. It contains lots of nourishing ingredients like Manuka oil and hemp seed oil. The product melts into your lips on contact and leaves a nice sheen on the lips. The lip balm is quite thin in texture but feels nice. My personal preference when it comes to lip balms are sticks or tubes as it makes applying the product much easier. That would be my only critique of this product but I still really enjoy using it. It applies easily and it doesn’t feel sticky or greasy. It’s also suitable to wear underneath other lip products like lipstick as it will help to hydrate and protect your lips.

  22. jupiter

    This lip balm is made in NZ, and contains hemp seed, almond, castor seed, apricot, manuka and other oils, and also beeswax and lanolin. The marketing blurb says that it is to hydrate, calm and sooth cracking or cuts.

    I’m not a fan of lip balms in little tubs, as it means having to dip my finger in to apply. It is not hygienic to apply on the go. As this doesn’t have SPF, I tend to use it in the evening as part of my PM skincare routine before bed. Unfortunately, another pet peeve of mine with lip balms is the addition of menthol and/or peppermint oil. This has both. I don’t need the tingling, which is really a form of irritation. I find that if I only swipe this on my finger once, it forms too thin a layer to provide any hydration overnight. I have to swipe it 5-6 times and layer it over my lips to get the hydration I want.

    I’ll use this up but it’s not something I will repurchase.

  23. Floreview

    I was gifted this to review at the bh natural beauty month event. We received a soap and lip balm.

    The packaging feels very light and is in a pot.
    The balm is quite thick and stiff when you try to scoop some product out. A little bit goes a long way. Upon application you can smell the hemp oil and menthol. After rubbing it in, the lips feel more hydrated.

    It is cruelty free and vegan friendly. When you look at the ingredients, it contains a lot of oils.

    Overall I think it’s a nice menthol lipbalm.

  24. Irinam

    This lip balm is impressive! The combination of menthol and manuka oil seems to offer a soothing and refreshing experience. It’s great that it effectively softens and smoothens lips while providing protection from windy weather and dry air from heaters and conditioners. The fact that it’s made in New Zealand and contains organic ingredients adds to its appeal. Overall, it seems like a quality product that delivers on its promises. I will keep using it for sure and buy another one when this one is finished

  25. chantelle0504

    Love how moisturising this hemporary lip balm felt on my lips. And this has been the last step of my daily skincare. Routine for a number of weeks now, and I’m really enjoying the results. I don’t feel the need to reapply throughout the day as this is one of the few lip balms. I’ve noticed that penetrate really deeply and feels light to wear. I really really like the texture and that it’s not thick and it’s just a nice balmy gloss, which really brings out the natural hues of my lip colour.

    These past few weeks, have been particularly cold with harsh wind and rainy conditions in this lip balm has helped my my lips remain hydrated without any dryness or wind burns, like I usually get.

    I really like the scent too, its this lovely lemongrass menthol scent feel super luxurious and also soothes my dry lips. I really love what this brand stand for as well because it’s vegan and only uses natural ingredients. Will definitely be re-purchasing this when it runs out.

  26. aleksandra

    The Hemptuary Hemp Conditioning Lip Balm comes packaged in a small 5g pot. I normally prefer wind-up lip balms or balms with an applicator for convenience and hygiene. Given the packaging of the product, I remembered to always wash my hands before using the product (harder to do when on the go or travelling), or I used an applicator or a lip brush to keep the product clean.

    The lip balm is formulated with menthol and manuka oil – ingredients that help replenish dry lips and protect from daily exposure to environmental conditions (the wind in winter is what really affects my lips). It also has hemp seed oil which helps hydrate the lips. I love how nutrient rich this lip balm is – it has no nasties in it and is vegan and cruelty free, so you can feel good about using it.

    The balm is a light-yellow colour and smells similar to other Hemptuary products – the scent is fresh and I can pick up on the lemongrass ingredient. The balm spreads nicely on the lips when applied, and it feels great on the lips, very hydrating and nourishing, offering instant relief to dry, cracked lips. The balm isn’t sticky which is great – its quite slippy on the lips and feels comfortable. I suffer from dry lips in the winter – over the last week of using this lip balm, the condition of my lips is much improved! My lips are smooth, hydrated and are looking and feeling healthy. The balm provides a strong barrier to the wind when I’m out in the cold, and I think it’s very protective and nourishing. I’ll definitely continue using this lip balm. I’ve marked it down 1 star for the packaging.

  27. Miramarmari

    Received this little pot of lip balm from Hemptuary by Topiderm an NZ company during the natural beauty month event that BH hosted at their HQ. A nicely scented lip balm infused with Hemptuary’s signature premium organic hemp and Manuka oil and menthol; only natural derived ingredients are used. The lip balm comes in 5g at a good price point, easy to travel with and it’s so small can fit anywhere. To be used on dry and dehydrated lips; I found I needed a lot to notice a difference on my lips but still found them dry. I wish it had an applicator rather than put my finger in the pot however the balm is solid and when I rub on it it turns to an oil; takes me a few applications to get good lip coverage.

  28. Bruna Keller

    Love it! Keeps my lips hydrated and gives me peace of mind being an all natural, NZ made product. I melted some of my pink lipstick into the Hemptuary Lip Balm to give it a bit of colour.

  29. Amber H

    Love this lip balm!! It’s so hydrating & smells so nice. I’ve been looking for a new lip balm for so long that actually keeps my lips hydrated & this one is perfect for that 😍

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