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Hemp Soothing Body Balm

(264 customer reviews)


Our intensive HEMP balm with calendula, manuka oil, beeswax and lanolin soothes skin irritations and relieves tired and stressed skin. It also includes peppermint oil to relax the mind and body.

Suitable for use on eczema prone skin

Suitable for pregnant women, babies & children

Suitable for calming & hydrating skin after shaving or waxing

May assist in boosting skin health by reducing fine lines & wrinkles

May assist in calming sunburnt skin & itchy bites

Cruelty-free * Naturally fragranced * GMO free * Paraben free * Silicone free * Sulphate free * pH balanced



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Hemptuary® skincare contains only simple, good ingredients from nature, including organic hemp seed oil. We carefully blend this skincare superstar with pure yet potent, plant-based extracts and oils to let nature calm, nourish and nurture your skin.

Ingredients: Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil; Castor Oil; Sweet Almond Oil; Beeswax; Apricot Kernel Oil; Soybean Oil; Calendula Flower Extract; Manuka Oil; Peppermint Oil; Lemongrass Oil; Menthol; Eucalyptus Oil; Clove Leaf Oil; Sea Buckthorn Oil; Tocopheryl Acetate; Lanolin; Baobab Oil.

Directions to use



Directions to use

Apply a small amount to the desired area and work balm gently into the skin.

Suitable for massaging into sore muscles, dry or cracked skin and, for helping to soothe sensitive skin irritations.

Avoid contact with eyes and wash hands after applying.



264 reviews for Hemp Soothing Body Balm

  1. lovebudda

    I have received this product as part of a trial team. Thanks, Beauty Heaven, for giving me this opportunity. I wasn’t very familiar with this product and really only used it for my dry irritated skin. The texture of the balm is very solid and a little bit hard to actually use. With a bit of pressure and patience I managed to get a little bit on my finger. It’s a bit hard to spread over the skin, but when you do, it’s worth it. It doesn’t feel greasy after application, which is a good thing as it feels so thick. I will look forward to rubbing it into my tired muscles at night. It will probably take some time to do this though.

  2. dishonfj

    I was given the opportunity to trial Hemptuary Hemp Soothing Body Balm, as part of the Best in Beauty Market Place event. First thing is it comes in white and gold attractive container. It is quiet a solid balm, and the dilemma was how to get it out, however using two finger tips in a circular motion I was easily able to get the desired amount out. I only required small amounts and it absorbed quiet quickly into the skin. I have very dry elbows and hands, with my hands getting quiet itchy at time. I found that it was definitely soothing and stoped the itching. It was also very hydrating helping my skin to heal and become soft and smooth. I will definitely continue to use this product into the future.

  3. Caryl597

    This product was gifted to me as part of attending the Best in Beauty Marketplace Event.

    The Hemptuary hemp soothing body balm is a pot of goodness! It’s an all-in-one body balm that’s great to soothe skin irritations (itchy + dry skins), used for body massage, sore + tired muscles, and diaper or nappy areas.

    I use this for more skin irritations related, because I do have sensitive skin and experience flakey skin, skin dehydration and eczema. I like that it’s quite soothing and calms skin inflammation well. It contains organic hemp seed oil, calendula and manuka oil, which doesn’t leave a greasy feel on my skin. It is also great to use on dry elbows, knees, shins or anywhere on the body that you experience skin dryness. I haven’t tried for a body massage, but I will definitely be keen to see how soothing it will be on my back and shoulders!

  4. Marclaire

    The Hemptuary Soothing Body Balm comes packaged in its distinctive Hemptuary box. The box is white and lime green with gold writing. Depicted on the front of the box is a hemp leaf. Inside the box is also coloured lime green with hemp leaves depicted on the inside.

    The body balm itself comes in a 30g jar with a gold coloured lid. Printed on the sides of jar are the ingredients and directions for use in the lime green colour. The ingredients and directions for use are also on the box. The presentation of this product is very attractive.

    The first thing I noticed when I opened the jar was the beautiful fragrance.

    This product is all natural. Some of the ingredients are Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil; Castor Oil; Sweet Almond Oil; Calendula and Manuka Oil.

    There are no harsh chemicals in this lovely body balm. I would have liked it to come in a bigger sized jar. I have nearly used it all.

    The body balm itself is a yellowish colour and is quite solid to the touch. I used a spatula to scrape the balm out of the jar.

    I used this product on my legs as they tend to get very dry. A small amount of the balm went a long way. It was quickly absorbed into my legs with no greasy feeling afterwards. My legs felt nourished and hydrated.

    This product is also suitable for massaging tired muscles.

    The Hemptuary Soothing Body Balm is made in New Zealand.

  5. LadyLola

    I received Hemptuary soothing body balm in the BIB trial at home and also in a recent Discovery Bag. ??My thoughts about this product have not changed and I do recommend.

    There’s so much to love about this balm, I love that its made in New Zealand the ingredients are natural and there are no nasties so it’s GMO, Paraben, Silicone and Sulphate free which makes it suitable for all of my family. This balm is presented in a 30 gm pot and on opening I was surprised how firm the balm was, I had to use a makeup spatula to scoop out a small amount. The scent is interesting very herbal and fresh but settles down when applied to the skin and not irritating. I decided to try the balm on my very dry elbows, a scaly patch on my husband’s knuckles and to rub into my elderly mum’s very sore knee. The balm softens and melts into warm skin and is absorbed very quickly without being sticky, leaving a light barrier where applied. I enjoyed the feel of the balm and it has softened and soothed the dry skin on my elbows and my husbands knuckles. Mum’s knee felt better after the balm was massaged in and that was a great relief for her. A little goes a very long way and I am looking forward to trying other products from this brand.

  6. BiancaDaily

    I received the Hemptuary Soothing Body Balm as part of the Best In Beauty trial team. I feel good about using The Hemptuary Soothing Body Balm because it contains natural ingredients and doesn’t contain anything nasty. You can either use a cosmetic spoon spatula (like I chose to use) or you can go digging with your finger to get the balm out of the pot because it is very firm – it reminds me of candle wax. The herbal minty scent of the balm is refreshingly good. I find the balm easy to work with once I’ve got some out of the pot and warmed it in my hands before applying to the desired area. I do find it to be a bit oily and it takes ages to absorb and so I don’t use this every day. My skin also doesn’t need it on a daily basis. I use it when my skin needs extra nourishment. It softens dry elbows well and reduces the appearance of scaly skin on my legs. It also relieves itchy and irritated skin. My skin feels so hydrated and calm after using this and the eff

  7. Daz

    I really like this product. It has the most calming scent, and it makes me feel more relaxed just opening the bottle!

    The ingredients are completely natural which makes this balm really gentle on the skin. This product would be amazing as a belly balm for pregnant women! Had I known this product existed when I was pregnant I would’ve been all over it!! I actually have a bit of stretched skin, so I am applying this over my belly at the moment and I’m finding it very soothing.

    The balm itself is as it states – a balm. It’s not a cream. So I imagine its more solid in the cooler months and gets a little softer in the warmer months.

    I think this product would also be fabulous as a massage balm. Overall I really like this product and the ingredients. Would recommend.

  8. Natalie123

    I was soooo happy to have received the Hemptuary Soothing Body Balm. I love a good natural product that has multi purposes and works!

    Ive been using this for just about 2 weeks now, I get a heat rash on my chest which can be so irritating and has that burn itch to it and makes my skin red. I’ve been applying Hemptuary Soothing Body Balm every night/second night before i get into bed, and my rash has gone!!! The first night I used it, it felt so soothing and calming on my skin. And I love the natural calming smell it has. Its quite relaxing.

    The texture is thick, more like a wax texture, but as you rub it between your fingers or straight onto you skin, it starts to melt into an oil consistency, which makes it perfect to massage into your skin. and it blends into skin quite nicely, leaving it feel nourished.

    Ive also used Hemptuary Soothing Body Balm on my husband who suffers from eczema on his inner elbows, and he has found it quite soothing and helps with his rash.

    I’ve also used a tiny amount as a night eye serum. I rub a little between my 2 ring fingers then gently dab it into my under eye area and massage it into my temples to help soothe and make me feel relaxed at night with the lovely peppermint.

    Just got to love a brilliant balm with so much purpose!

    I will definitely be purchasing Hemptuary Soothing Body Balm again, and again!

  9. jannx3

    I received the Hemptuary Soothing Body Balm as part of the best in beauty Marketplace event.
    I was sold on this product when I was told it was all natural ingredients and I can actually identify the ingredients on the back of the packaging. I tend to have dry skin during winter and the balm sits really nice on the skin while providing enough moisture to keep the skin hydrated. I wake up the next day and my skin feels really hydrated and smooth. It’s non greasy and just melts into the skin really nicely. Texturally feels really smooth upon application, it’s not too thick which is also a plus.

  10. buti4

    Hemptuary Soothing Body Balm comes in a jar that can be conveniently carried around. The balm is thick and does not drip. Initiallu, it comes in a hard consistency when new out of the package but once you “dig in”, it becomes easier to apply. I would usually prefer a more softer texture though. It sits nicely on the body and is a great moisturizer for my very dry skin. However, the jar is quite small so it will finish quite quickly if you use it on big areas everyday.

    It’s got a nice smell to it and not fragranced.

  11. Margaret759

    I was not expecting such a hard consistency with this product. I thought balm would be a thicker cream style product. I found I had to dig at the pale green balm, I would call it more of a body butter bar. I would dig a small pea sized lump out with my nail and then warm it up in my hands in order to apply. It smells divine. a clean, fresh peppermint smell, but not overly strong. I couldn’t use this for my whole body (which is what I was hoping to do) as it was too hard to apply and did not really absorb well. But I did use it for my heels, my knees, my elbows; all the really tough spots that really need a good intense hit of moisture. While I liked this product well enough, I did only give it three stars as I found it did not absorb very well into my skin, I was left feeling greasy after applying, and also the fact it was tricky to get out of the tub.

  12. Kooshi

    Recently received this as a sample as a part of the best in beauty marketplace event. Soothing body balm. Smells so nice with peppermint oil complimenting the calendula and Manuka oil. It is quite a solid balm so requires a bit of warming up with the fingers to soften enough to apply it to your skin. So it was a bit tricky to use. I believe the tub will last me quite a while. I can’t comment on it being that soothing as I was never really able to apply enough and of it to have any effect.
    I like that it is Made in New Zealand.

  13. Faye Bloom

    I have been eager to try this Hemptuary brand for its natural properties and I am very grateful to have received the Hemp Soothing Body Balm to sample. The scent is incredible when opening the jar! I love that the essential oils within this product are strong and the initial sensory experience for me is relaxing. I focused on applying the balm to my face and body at night to enhance rest. After cleansing I applied the balm to skin sensitivities on my chin and also to my temples. The balm needed a bit of heating up between the fingers before applying as I did find it a bit hard coming out of the jar. Once on the skin the balm moisturised and soothed effectively and didn’t cause irritation. While resting, the essential oils helped me unwind too. This is a great product to have, especially that it is natural, calming and hydrating.

  14. Jules

    The Hemptuary Soothing Body Balm was an extremely releiving body balm filled with so many delightful scents. I loved the uplifting fragrance of eucalyptus, lemongrass and peppermint oils, they helped at alleviating tired feet, sore back muscles and my arms. This balm is so versatile I used it all over my body, the ingredients are very natural and made using this product so easy to use. It conditioned my skin to a nice smoothness while using it as a foot rub especially. It was my first time using a product infused with hemp seed oil and I can really tell that in combination with all the other ingredients, it works wonderfully. This will be on my nightly wind down routine as a massage rub as I truly love the calming scents. I would highly recommend this product for anyone seeking a natural mix of soothing and invigorating oils. Loved it!

  15. Charla

    I wasn’t expecting any miracles or any wow factor when I started using this and just thought it might be a nice nourishing body balm. It’s got a lovely lemongrass and citrus smell which I love. It’s a very hard balm style product in the jar but goes on thin. It isn’t too oily or sticky. I used this on my hip where I’ve had a rash that I haven’t been able to heal. I wasn’t sure if it was eczema, as I get eczema in other areas. The rash on my hip is on my stretch marks and has really been bothering. Just one day of using the hemptuary soothing body balm and the rash had started to heal. I was shocked. A few more days of using it and the rash has dried out, stopped itching and skin is super smooth there. For months nothing else worked and then bam this. Really beautiful product. Worth trying out on any stubborn eczema or dermatitis rashes. It’s a bit hard to get out of the jar, but once you do it’s worth it.

  16. Ingrid910

    I’m new to using body balm, on my lips yes, but I thought I would try the Hemptuary on the dry and sore areas of my body. It has a citrus smell that is very refreshing, the jelly like balm is greenish in colour and you don’t need heaps. I used my finger in a circular motion to get the balm out of the container and then rub into my sore knee, as it is also recommended for massage and sore muscles. Full of various different oils, hemp seed, almond, soybean and more, give this natural product it’s natural refreshing smell its soothing qualities and it ability to hydrate and help dry and irritated skin. As I massaged it into my tired and sore muscles , it’s natural ingredients helped to relieve some of the stress in my muscles. My husband has been using the balm on a dry area on his leg and is happy with the result, the dryness and itch has improved greatly. A terrific product that is organic doesn’t contain any nasties, all natural, does a great job.

  17. Ageless.beauty

    I received this Hemp Soothing Body Balm at the Best in Beauty Marketplace event.

    This balm is beautiful. It definitely moisturises and hydrates the skin. I found penetrates better on my skin after a shower when my skin is damp and pores open.

    It leaves skin feeling so soft and smooth, I like the way it feels, and skin stay hydrated for longer.

    I also like applying this to my cuticles as they are on the drier side, and I tend to pick at them when they are dry. This is great to keep at the desk and apply throughout the day after washing or sanitising my hands.

  18. Izzy09

    Thank you beautyheaven for selecting me to be part of the Best In Beauty trial. I hadn’t tried a product like this prior to this trial. I found the balm to be quite solidified in the jar so scraping a bit off the top with my fingernail was the only way to get some out – It does seem to get softer in the jar after a few uses. Once you do get some out it does melt down very easily on the warmth of the skin so a tiny little scoop spreads a very long way as it’s initially quite oily but does dry down after about 10 minutes and giving the area you apply it to a nice massage helps it to absorb. It smells like peppermint. I like to use this on my legs and feet. I sometimes get sore muscles in my legs and my legs can be achy at night and this has a cooling effect from the menthol in the formula which I absolutely love the feeling of. It relaxes my legs. And the reason I love it for my feet is because of the way it softens my heels and makes my skin look and feel so smooth, healthy and hydrated. It does say to wash hands after use application and I do find that I have to wash them 3 times to get all of the balm off as it leaves my hands very greasy but with that being said my hands feel wonderfully soft afterwards. Overall I really enjoy using this body balm and it’s definitely a product I didn’t know I needed and wasn’t something I would have thought to buy previously.

  19. beautyhoarder

    I was lucky enough to receive this as part of beautyheaven’s Best in Beauty Marketplace event. At first I was very surprised to see a body balm in a 30g jar and wondered if it was a trial size.

    After I opened the box and the jar I was surprised to find the consistency of the balm almost like a wax. You need to rub your finger along the top of the balm to melt it onto an oil. Or you can dig a little out of the jar and melt the waxy balm into an oil between your hands. Thus a little will go a long long way.

    The balm has a pleasant minty lemony scent that is very subtle. its uber moisturising and very soothing but quite labour intensive so i would say it would be best saved for very dry areas that need a little extra attention like elbows, hands and cuticles etc.

  20. Yohanna

    I did not use this as a body balm. As it would be gone in one use, or two. I use it as a night mask for the face. Contains rich nourishing fats, so it is great for this. My skin gets plumped and the formula did not clog my big pores. Even though it contains peppermint, this did not cause me any irritation. I use serum to hydrate and this balm to seal and nourish the skin overnight. Once or twice per week. Also as a lip overnight mask. It is great for this. Leaves lips plump and nourished. Balm is thick and green in colour form hemp oil I think.

  21. clearcrystalwater

    I love that just the smallest amount of this is need to be effective and a little bit goes a long way. It hydrates this skin but the magic goes much further than that. Here’s why:

    I’ve found it practical and useful on tender skin that is a bit sensitive from shaving or waxing or the likes. I do find that if I shave my legs and jump into the ocean for a quick early-Spring dip, I get irritation from the salt water on the freshly shaved skin. When I apply this to the irritated skin I find my skin is soothed so if anyone else suffers from this issue, here is a great product for that!

    I have been loving this and am very happy to be able to write about it here and give it a massive thumbs up from me. It has so many great ingredients for the skin itself but it also tends to help me with my muscles that are prone to spasms – a lovely rub of this into my calf muscles soothes and takes away any feeling of the spasms.

    So if you are after something that really works, is natural based and is soothing then you are barking up the right ‘tree’! This has wonderful botanical ingredients in it’s formulation and that starts with a base ingredient of Cannibas Seed Oil. I feel the science behind this formula really meets head on with natural ingredients to produce an effective balm that can be placed anywhere on the body.

  22. Stacey827

    I found the packaging to be really lovely, medium sized tub with lid and easy to take in a handbag. I found the green balm to be very strongly scented. I used it for very dry and cracked hands. When I read the instructions it states that you should wash your hands after use, which then left me a little confused as the driest part of my body is my poor hands that do a lot of work outdoors. I get particularly dry and cracked on my thumbs and between my fingers. I used the balm for this and it was fantastic, and I did not wash my hands afterwards. I guess need to be mindful to not rub eyes with this product on your hands. I also used it for my terribly dry heels of my feet. It’s also fantastic for dry elbows or knees. The balm instantly hydrates and repairs, but leaves a protective barrier and long-lasting treatment. A great handy pot to have if you are prone to dry skin that resorts to cracking.

  23. Cheap and Petite

    I have not experienced many hemp based beauty products.
    I have heard of the amazing health benefits of using hemp in products, as well as adding hemp seeds to meals, so I was keen to give this a try!

    My skin has been impossible lately, due to the extremely dry weather with absolutely no humidity.
    No matter how much I exfoliated or moisturized, my skin was still peeling especially after I applied makeup.

    This product hit the problem on the head!
    I have been applying it to my tzone.
    It has a really fresh feeling on my skin when first applied, which feels like eucalyptus. It has a similar light fresh scent too.

    The product doesn’t feel too greasy or sticky, but it isn’t the lightest texture.
    It is extremely difficult to get out of the container though, as it is a solid block so you have to work pretty hard to get the right amount of product.

    However despite the difficulty is usage, my skin is looking radiant and the dry patches were immediately diminished!
    The dry patches are gone, and my makeup can be applied smoothly!

    This is such an amazing product!

  24. MoniqueBeauty

    I love seeing a smaller company producing such gorgeous and natural products! The Hemp Soothing Body Balm is a lovely balm for very dry skin areas. While the packaging is fairly simple, the balm itself smells absolutely gorgeous, and given the fact that a little goes a long way the 30g size is quite generous.

    Unfortunately I didn’t enjoy the experience of actually using this balm, however. I found the consistency too solid for my liking – it was too firm to easily use except for in very small quantities. I also didn’t like that you are recommended to wash your hands after use – my hands are the dryest area I would expect to be able to apply a balm to! So just not a practical fit for me in terms of how I want to use products.

  25. smerlo1

    I received Hemp Soothing Body Balm at Beauty Heaven’s recent Best In Beauty Marketplace Event and was looking forward to trying it as I am familiar with Hemptuary’s Nourishing Face and Body Oil. I like the scent of the Soothing Body Balm but it is a bit tricky to get the balm out of the jar. It is always a treat to use products with Calendula and Manuka Oil and I can use the balm in winter time for my very dry hands and ankles but I don’t think it would be suitable for my skin in summer time. The jar looks small but the balm goes a long way.

  26. Margaret 322

    I thank Beautyheaven for sending me this HEMPTUARY Pemium Organic Hemp.by topiderm.
    This is a Hemp Soothing Body Balm containing Calendula and Manuka Oil.

    I love that this is distributed by a pharmaceutical company and is made in New Zealand. It is crafted with only natural ingredients, contains natural fragrance, is GMO, Paraben, Silicone, and Sulfate free. It is pH Balanced and has no harsh Chemicals

    It is a little 30g pot of natural goodness. It is a solid waxy green coloured balm, that has a wonderful mix of oils, Cannabis, Apricot, Manuka, Clove leaf, Calendula, Peppermint, Lemongrass, Sweet Almond to name a few, which gives it an incredible scent.

    I’ve been using it on my injured knees, from an unserimorious skid and acrobatic fall, walking through some sludgy mud.

    I massage it well in. The Balm easily melts into the skin with your natural body heat. My knees were only bruised and the skin not broken, so this was an ideal treatment to calm and sooth my aching joints.
    This is an amazing natural balm to use in many different scenarios. Great for hydrating, revitalising and calming your skin.
    It will last for ages too, as it is easy to use, just the right amount. It would travel well too, given it’s solid state.

  27. jupiter

    This body balm comes in a small 30g jar. It is marketed to sooth skin irritations and relieve tired skin. The formula contains many nourishing natural oils and extracts including hemp seed oil, castor oil, sweet almond oil, beeswax, apricot kernel oil, soybean oil, manuka oil etc. It has a refreshing scent coming from the peppermint, lemongrass, menthol and eucalyptus oils.

    What I wasn’t expecting was the texture. This is a waxy balm in solid form, which means that you can only use a little at a time, so you can only it to target a small area. I found that the combination of peppermint oil and menthol makes my skin tingle, which is probably why the instructions say that you should wash your hands after applying – or it would be unpleasant if you touch your eyes with your hands.

    Because of the difficulty in applying lots of it, I found that the best use for it was to target areas that are itchy, for example mosquito bites! It’s not something I would reach for all the time.

  28. Amelia284

    I tried the hempthary Hemp Soothing Body Balm as part of the trial team. I had never heard of this brand before as they are somewhat of a new comer. I also dont preference balms as they can be quite sticky. I have to say that this wasn’t my experience with this product.

    Firstly, I found that is has a light and engaging smell which comes from some of the natural ingredients such as beeswax and botanicals.

    The product itself was thick and hard. I found it worked best when I warmed it up a little in my fingers or hand. This made it easier to spread and also made it soak in to my skin. Also means I am moisturising my hands every time I am using it which is nice. It can feel a little sticky but goes away pretty quickly. So it’s not to bad.

    As a result of use daily or one week, my skin is soft and I am pleased with the result.

  29. Jenniqua

    I received this Hemp Soothing Body Balm at the Best In Beauty Marketplace. We were told that this is great for eczema and dermatitis and I was so happy as my 9 year old suffers from these dreadfully on his hands.
    I applied a small amount to his hands and rubbed the product in, he even said that he liked the smell of it. He found that his skin was less itchy and flaky, which is great because he would peel his skin until it bled. I have also used the product on my hands, knees and elbows and found that they have been softened and left moisturised and smooth.

  30. Temporary Princess

    I was introduced to Hemptuary recently by Beautyheaven, thanks to their Best in Beauty Marketplace, and I was pleasantly surprised by how much I liked the Hemp Soothing Body Balm. Made in New Zealand, this contains hemp seed oil, manuka oil, calendula oil and baobab oil, which are steeped in omegas 3, 6 and 9, as well as vitamins A and E. Together, these are meant help improve the skin barrier, hydrate and soothe the skin while reducing irritation and inflammation, as well as fight against free radicals. This also has the added bonus of smelling a little bit peppermint-y, and a little bit herbal-ly.

    I use this like I would a multipurpose balm, in that I primarily use this to target tricky areas that need a bit of extra attention, such as my knuckles, elbows and cuticles. I find this to be really helpful for soothing dry patches. This starts off as quite a hard balm, and all you need to do is scrape out a small amount and thin it out by rubbing it between the palms of your hands. Given it’s size, it’s easy to carry around, making it a great travel companion.

  31. RINNY

    I received this Hemptuary Soothing body balm as part of the recent Beauty Heaven, Best in Beauty Event.

    This balm does a great job of moisturising my legs, it is quite thick and I find that I really need to dig into it to be able to apply it. It is not that easy to apply but it warms up as soon as it touches my legs and makes it easier to spread and rub in. I find that it absorbs quickly into my legs and doesn’t leave them looking or feeling greasy. It is green in colour and has a distinct scent about it, I’m not sure how I feel about the scent. I’m glad I got to try some of the Hemptuary products.

  32. HelenT

    The Hemptuary Hemp Soothing Body Balm is my new favourite multi-purpose body balm after only one use. This body balm has very thick texture, similar to the Paw Paw Balm ointment but with other types of oils such as manuka oil and eucalyptus oil that helps to reduce inflammation and soothing/ healing effect. My son suffers from eczema and this body balm worked so well on his skin. Usually, I apply a thin layer on the problem areas and the skin irritation goes away within minutes. I have also used this balm on my dry and sensitive skin which of course worked so well too. It is a bit expensive for 30g of body balm but a little goes a long way and it works like wonders so definitely work the money.

  33. Sparkles12

    Thank you BH – I am so happy to have attended the beauty event and receive this balm, like their oil, this is amazing. Love the smell, it’s a clean, camphory smell but nicer… I love the texture, solid but smoothes on like a rich balm – i massage this into my heel, elbows, hands etc straight after a shower and after a few minutes – it just sinks in and keeps my skin as smooth as a baby’s bum… my elbows were rough, but after the first use, they literally felt so soft it was amazing. I will use this like the oil for a long time to come. This product I highly recommend for everyone.

  34. No Ovski

    I received this product as part of the Beauty Heaven Best in Beauty Awards event. As it is marketed as a “body” balm, I did not expect the consistency of the product to be similar to tiger balm, in the same breath, it is quite generous with 30 grams of product as I would use it similarly on trouble spots. I did this as I had a small skin irritation on my chin where I tried other products with no result. I tried this on that spot and it resolved the issue after using the product once a day for five days.

    The only minor issue is the design of the container, in particular the lid which seems to mark with prints easily.

    I will be purchasing this product again, which I imagine will be a long while as I would only use a small amount at any one time. I am extremely happy about this and my husband has used it on his worked hands.

  35. hmelanie

    When I recieved this product and read how to use it, it wasn’t exactly clear to me the best area to apply this product, as the product is packaged quite densely, and therefore doesn’t seem like a typical moisturiser product.
    My first impressions upon opening the product was that this reminded me of a tiger balm type product. Because of how firm the product is, to make the application smoother, I placed the product in front of my heater (and found this to be effective to remove more product easily).

    I decided to start by using it on some of my facial blemishes given it has manuka oil, and have seen an improvement since using it.

    Seeing improvements in my blemishes I decided to try on my hands- where my wedding rings are, I have a little rash underneath. Within one day, the rash had completely cleared up! So I can see this product being great for specific skin irritations, really dry spots, eczema etc, but because of it’s peppermint-y scent, I wouldn’t be applying that all over my face or a full area of my body.

    Not something I will use everyday, but absolutely has it’s place when it comes to skin issues

  36. kimeee

    I’m not a big balm girl but received this product as part of the Best in Beauty Awards.
    There’s no fragrance which I like and it works well to soothe the dry skin around my cuticles, elbows and heels. I tried to use it after shaving to soothe irritation but it’s quite difficult to get a medium/large amount to apply on larger surface areas. It remains quite solid no matter how much you rub to try and melt it down so I ended up having to scrape bits off with my nails. I’d recommend this for smaller surfaces and prefer a body butter or lotion for larger areas.

  37. Fefe

    I received the Hemptuary Hemp Soothing Body Balm at the recent beautyheaven marketplace event.
    It comes in a 30g pot with a nice bronze lid. It’s an interesting balm, it is a solid yellow balm and I needed to scrape it out with the back of my nail as it doesn’t come out with fingers. I think it would have been better if an applicator was included with the tub.
    It has a strong lemony herbally fragrance that’s quite nice.
    At first I assumed the balm was going to be too thick on the skin and not smooth out well but it was quite the opposite. It quickly melted between my fingers and applied silky smooth onto my skin and surprisingly quickly absorbed right into my skin.
    I used it on my heels and hands over night, also I dabbed the smallest amount around my crows feet to soften them and give them hydration over night. I really loved this balm. It’s unlike any balm I have ever used. I think it’ll work great on dry patches and would relieve dryness and itchiness.

  38. Ellie585

    Hemptuary is a great brand and one that the whole family can use. It’s so gentle and filled with high quality ingredients and this body balm really comes in handy for so many different things. I like to apply some of it on my lips to keep it hydrated. I also like to apply it on my feet, especially on my heels which are very rough and dry. It keeps the skin soft and hydrated. The balm just kind of melts into the skin and you rub it in. You could use it for mozzie bites, eczema, psoriasis, dry patches or just as a general moisturiser for your skin. It contains hemp seed oil and Manuka oil along with some other great ingredients. It really is so soothing and versatile. You don’t need to use much so the jar of the body balm will last you awhile!

  39. Sandyyy

    I received a jar of Hemptuary’s Hemp Soothing Body Balm at Beauty Heaven’s recent Best In Beauty Marketplace Event. My first impression was around how solid it was in the jar, which put me off a bit, but once I ran my finger around the top a few times it softened and was ready to use – and once on the skin it was quite easy to spread. The product contains manuka oil and it felt very nourishing – the good thing is that it wasn’t too greasy and absorbed well into my fairly dry skin, leaving it feeling smooth and moisturised.
    I will continue to use this product – especially during the cooler months and also look forward to seeing how it goes as we head into summer.

  40. Miss Becki

    I received the Hemptuary Hemp Soothing Body Balm at the Best in Beauty Marketplace Event. I love balms and I am always eager to try new ones out. This balm is well presented in a gorgeous box and the jar inside is quite sturdy. I have dermatitis on my hands, and I am still hoping this balm will make a difference. The balm itself is beautiful, it is pleasantly scented and the texture is rich and smooth. It does wonders to moisturise my hands and elbows. I am hoping that once my skin clears up the balm may be able to prevent further flare-ups.

    Definitely still on my may buy again list as I will need to continue trailing it for a bit longer to see the longer-term benefits.

    Would I recommend this to my family and friends? Yes, I would

  41. Sandyt

    Thank you BH for this wonderful product. Hemptuary Hemp Soothing Body Balm is an intensive body balm formulated with organic hemp seed oil, calendula, manuka oil, beeswax and lanolin to soothe skin irritations and relieve tired and stressed skin.
    I have been using it on my lips as a lip balm and totally love it. It has not fragrance and it a very light green color. Its a great replacement to a vaseline product is you are still using that.
    It has kept my lips soft and moist and I only need to use it a few times a day not as frequently as other products.

    It is not sticky at all and I have been applying it under my lipstick as well.

  42. Elisa361

    I was extremely pleased to receive this product as part of the Best in Beauty event. Thank you, Beauty Heaven, for the opportunity to trial this product. I have never used the Hemptuary brand before, so I was very keen to try something that I had not tried before this time. I loved the look of this product first off, lovely packaging and great little tub of balm. It had a lovely smell, it was not overpowering in and way. I liked the consistency of it and that it was quite thick but not too thick that it was heavy to apply or left a residue on the skin. Left my skin feeling very fresh and moisturised which is great after the dry winter months.

  43. wonderesque

    I received the Hemptuary Hemp Soothing Body Balm at the Best In Beauty Marketplace Event and was eager to hear more information about the product from the lady at the event. She provided some great insights into the use of the product and the versatility of the body balm. The container is perfectly sized and I first applied the product to my arms as I do have dry skin and I was pleasantly surprised by how smooth it made my skin feel after application. I find a little product goes a long way so I applied only a small dash to each arm which had a lovely texture and the subtle smells of calendula and manuka oil does shine through.

  44. Amanda738

    I received Hemptuary Hemp Soothing Body Balm at the best in beauty marketplace event. This balm soothes dry and irritated skin and is suitable for eczema prone skin. The key ingredients are organic hemp seed oil, calendula, manuka oil, beeswax and lanolin which soothes and relieves stressed and inflamed skin.
    Hemptuary is 100% natural and contains no nasties such as parabens, silicone, sulphate and chemicals. This body balm additionally contains calendula and manuka oil which help soothe and calm skin irritations as well as suppressing wrinkle development and sun damage.
    I love the refreshing scent of this balm and like how it’s convenient to put in your handbag when you’re on the go. The balm easily absorbs into your skin and doesn’t leave a greasy residue. I have used this on a dry and itchy patch on my leg. After using it regularly for a couple of days I have noticed an improvement and it feels hydrated and soothed.

  45. Barbben

    I received the Hemptuary Hemp Soothing Body Balm at the recent beautyheaven marketplace event. I was a little worried that with a small container I would use it very quickly. So I decided to target the parts of my body that needed help the most. I used it on my slightly dry cracked heels and the rough skin on my elbows and upper arms. The product is quite thick, so scooping it out of the jar is a bit of an ‘issue’. It gets under my fingernails and I have started using a little teaspoon to get the body balm out of the jar then warm between my fingers prior to application. I really love the peppermint/herbal fragrance and the feel of it on my skin. The balm absorbs quickly. Also you just need a little amount on targeted areas too, so it definitely is great value for around $30. I will purchase again.

  46. Zaki

    This item was received at the Beat in Beauty Marketplace event.

    Hemptuary is a new kid on the block, but don’t be fooled by this as the developer has more than 20 years’ experience in the industry, which can be seen and felt in the quality of the product. I have previously tried the oil by this brand and use it every other night as part of my night facial routine. I was a little unsure on how I would be able to incorporate this product into my routine, but it arrived in perfect time as I have a persistent itchy, dry patch behind my ear and I wanted to avoid using a cortisone cream for as long as possible. I have been using this for the past 5 days, twice a day and have had a significant improvement in the skin condition of the affected area.

    The product is packaged in a sturdy white and green box with a rose gold foiling, all of which are signature to the brand and make it easily identifiable. The ingredients, their highlights and usage instructions are all contained on the outer box. Inside is a lightweight printed jar that hold the balm. The jar has a very tight seal inside it, however it is not tamper evident. I do wish the brand and other brands would put a little more effort into ensuring their products are packaged in tamper evident packaging to protect the integrity of the product. Nevertheless, the balm has a pleasant aromatic aroma to it which instantly calms the mind. The texture of the balm is quite solid so one needs to dig into it to get some out, but this does massage and absorb well into the skin and does not leave any greasy feeling behind.

    On the ingredient front the hero is hemp seed oil, which is high in omega fatty acids and vitamin a and e, all of which promote skin health. Castor, Almond, Apricot, Soybean and beeswax help in forming the base of the product and these all assist in nourishing the skin. Calendula for calming and Manuka for its anti-inflammatory and healing properties. The mix of peppermint, eucalyptus, clove, lemongrass and menthol provides a very calming aroma, which works with soothing the mind and nerves whilst the product works on soothing the skin and muscles.

    Overall, the use of the product is enjoyable and it provides results. I am eager to see what new products this brand adds to their portfolio with time.

  47. ubd2u

    Hemptuary Hemp Soothing body balm, comes in a plastic jar with an attractive gold top. I have been using the Hemptuary oil, which I think is fantastic. This product is made from organic hemp seed oil, calendula, manuka oil, beeswax and lanolin. Because of the beeswax and maybe the temperature of my house, the product is not easy to get out of the jar it is very hard, also if you want to keep the balm clean you need to use sticks or something that is very clean to remove the product from the jar. I like the very subtle sent of the soothing body balm. Because it is not easy to use this product is not for me. I have used similar products that came in a tube and I would like to see this body balm repackaged. So the product is wonderful, but the packaging is not.

  48. Miss19

    As part of the best in beauty marketplace event I received the Hemptuary hemp soothing body balm to try out. I had tried out their hemp body oil and was really pleased with it. The lady at the event said that this body balm is like the body oil but in a balm form which I thought was really nice! The product is so versatile and can be used in many different ways on both your face and body. I suffer from eczema so the first way I tried this out was by using it on my hands and legs, where I get really itchy and irritated eczema. It gets rid, cracked and sometimes the itching can last the whole day. The balm is a nice consistency, it’s not the easiest to rub into the skin but it feels nice and it doesn’t feel too greasy either. Once I put this on my eczema I found that my itching stopped and my skin felt much more hydrated. It’s filled with amazing ingredients including sweet almond oil, Manuka oil and peppermint oil.

  49. Erica305

    I received Hemp Soothing Body Balm at Best in Beauty Marketplace Event. I have heard that Hemp skin products are good to use. I started using it at night as an add-on moisturise. I apply toner, serum, lotion or cream the use Hemp Soothing Body Balm as the last step. It is not greasy, and I can clearly see that it is absorbed into skin layer without any residue. However it is in hard form as the temperature is bit low at night so I should use small scoop to use it. Rather than that everything is great. I strongly recommend it for dry skin people.

  50. beauty2018

    vERY surprised to find the Hemptuary Hemp Soothing Body Balm arrived unexpectedly on my doorstep as part of BH Discovery Bag. Made in New Zealand & by Louise Clayton, the same developer of successful natural skincare brand, Trilogy. So you know the product is environmentally friendly, using sustainable packaging and all natural ingredients. This new brand is just over 12 month old & the 2nd time I have trial from Hemptuary. I tend to target the product on my dry arms & feet which provides instant relief, being rich in vitamins A and E, this tends to soothe & hydrate skin. Comes in smaill 30ml plastic tub & gold screw lid and best of all, the product is unspillable which is great for travelling.

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