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Plant-based Skincare Product FAQs

Our range of plant-based skincare products is all organic to harness the best of nature to nurture your skin. If you have questions about the benefits of hemp seed oil products for your skin or your overall wellbeing, see below for some Frequently Asked Questions.

At Hemptuary, we’re dedicated to extracting the natural benefits of hemp plants. Our skincare line is paraben-free, silicone-free, and sulphate-free products without GMOs, to keep the natural beauty of your skin vibrant and nourished without harmful chemicals. We try to package our hemp seed oil skincare with eco-friendly materials, so you can nourish yourself without compromising the planet.

What are hemp seed oil benefits for the skin?

Cannabis sativa oil (otherwise known as hemp seed oil) is a rich antioxidant that is gentle on the skin. Incorporating this super moisturiser into your skincare routine calms, hydrates, and revitalises your skin while being rich in vitamins A and E.

Hemp seed oil also contains omega 3 and 6, which encourages skin health and anti-ageing by reducing fine lines and wrinkles whilst preventing the signs of ageing.

Is Hemptuary suitable for vegetarians and vegans?

All Hemptuary products are suitable for vegetarians. Our Body and Face Oil are plant-based skincare products that are suitable for vegans and are cruelty-free. However, our moisturiser and Body Balm contain beeswax and are not suitable for vegans.

Is Hemptuary cruelty-free?

Yes, we are. Hemptuary loves nature, and we love animals too. We don’t test our products on animals, and no animals are harmed in producing any of our products or ingredients.

What are the key differences between hemp oil and CBD oil?

Hemp seed oil contains omega 3 and 6 and fatty acids; CBD oil contains mostly CBD. The CBD content in hemp seed oil is little to none, and it doesn’t contain tetrahydrocannabinol THC (which gives the psychedelic effect).

Potential skin health benefits of hemp seed oil include the reduction in the severity of skin conditions, its anti-bacterial nature, and help in clearing up Eczema and acne-prone skin. It is also a source of plant-based protein and reduces inflammation. It’s extracted only from hemp seeds.

What's the brand's beauty philosophy?

Creating our beautiful, hemp-based brand was driven by a simple philosophy—to harness the best of nature to nurture your skin.

By monitoring industry trends and researching the most remarkable ingredients nature has to offer, our team of skincare experts loves nothing better than creating simple, effective formulations that work, like Hemptuary’s plant-based skin-care products.

Tell me about your Body Balm, what is it good for?

Our body balm provides protection and nourishment for:
• Sensitive skin
• Dry, itchy skin
• Before & After Shaving
• Body massage
• Sore muscles
• Tattoo Aftercare
• Diaper or Nappy Area
• Assists soothing Eczema-prone skin

How about the green colour?

The initial colour of the organic hemp seed oil is green but this Phyto colour changes slowly over time. Thus, you will notice the colour changes in the product eventually, from greenish to yellow. This is a natural change for this type of oil.

Where is your product made?

Our product is 100% made in beautiful Aotearoa, New Zealand. We use local and imported ingredients. And our Hemp seed oil is certified 100% organic.

Do you use Palm Oil in any of your products?

All our products are palm-oil free.

I have very sensitive skin, can I use Hemptuary?

Our products are suitable for sensitive skin.

Hemptuary is infused with organic hemp and contains only naturally crafted ingredients. Manuka oil helps keep your skin free of bacteria, expediting the skin healing process and has anti-inflammatory properties, while hemp seed oil is a super moisturiser that calms, hydrates, and revitalises your skin.

If you are sensitive to any of the natural ingredients, we recommend doing a patch test before using any Hemptuary products.

Where do I buy Hemptuary?

Our beautiful range is available in Australia and New Zealand. Please visit our Where to Buy page to find out more.

Does Hemptuary contain any sulphates or parabens?

No, Hemptuary had no harsh chemicals and is FREE FROM:

  • GMO
  • Paraben
  • Silicone
  • Sulphate

Hemptuary contains only natural ingredients, and our products are all pH balanced.

I have some feedback about Hempturay. Who do I contact?

We love feedback! One of our main goals is to connect with our community as much as we can. If you have any feedback, please send it to hemptuary@aftpharm.com or customer.service@aftpharm.com.